CUSTOMER identity & access management

Frictionless and secure access to people outside of your organization

Customer Identity

Create frictionless, secure and privacy-protected access for your customers

B2B Identity

Connect and protect your business-to-business ecosystem

Gig Workers Identity

Enable simple, secure access for your gig workers, contractors, seasonal staff and guest users

Gig Workers Identity

Onboard temporary staff smoothly

Orchestrate, scale, and automate the onboarding of gig workers with intuitive processes.

Provide a frictionless user experience

Ease your gig workers into a smooth, uninterrupted user experience.

Validate identity & verify credentials accurately

Ensure your gig workers identity is unmistakably correct through eIDs or Bank ID systems. Confirm certainty of their qualifications through identity wallets or validated attribute providers.

Manage guest users accounts effectively

Manage and secure the accounts of your guest users easily promoting collaboration without compromising security.

Ensure compliant access to corporate assets

Ensure admission to corporate assets complies with corporate policies and legal regulations with point-and-click control capabilities.

Streamline and control identity lifecycle management

Bring your gig workers identity lifecycle management to the cloud and take control of every aspect of it.

Lower costs and increase productivity

Apply a unified process for provisioning users and assigning roles, eliminating redundancies and enhancing agility.

Allow users to manage their personal data

Enable user consent and preference management in line with GDPR.

Centralise identity data in one location

Utilise one single point to store identity data, reducing silos among departments, increasing visibility and efficiency.

Featured Capabilities

Identity proofing

Achieve the ultimate level of identity proofing choosing from commercial and governmental bring-your-own-identity (BYOI) providers through eIDs, Bank-IDs, or other document-centric-identity proofing services.

Credential verification

Have confidence your temporary users meet the identity verification requirements you need via a step-out to an identity wallet or validated attribute provider.


Efficiently onboard and manage business partners and applications and empower them to further cascade roles to new users.

Delegated administration

Assign the right amount of autonomy and responsibility to each B2B partner. This allows your partners to manage their own organizations while you keep a bird’s eye view.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

With Single Sign-On, you offer your users fast, secure and seamless access to your online services with just a single login of their choice.

Lifecycle management

Manage automated provisioning at scale using multiple integrations with backend and source systems and create a modern directory for today’s demands.

User management

Choose among rich capabilities in profile management, password management and registration to manage your users at scale.

Multi-factor authentication

Add additional security layers such as biometrics, face recognition, one-time password or mobile login for your power users.

Mobile identity

Use our authenticator app or end-to-end mobile security platform (SDK) to create customer apps with bank-grade security.


Meet Our Team

We have built a team of professionals with over 22 years of experience in consulting and software development.

The secret of our success lies not only in the unique technological background but also in a quality and diverse team. Our experts have the expertise and extensive know-how across many disciplines. They share and discuss their many years of experience with the implementation of countless projects. We try to look without professional stereotypes on things from different angles of view and wider perspective.

e-FRACTAL is a place where exciting ideas give birth to great ideas and grow into successful projects.

And not just projects! We have helped grow many of our colleagues who are also currently working for Google and Facebook in Silicon Valley.

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